About Marutoku

Japanese food quality We are more than happy to accept orders from overseas.
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We began processing nori at the HAMANO TOKUSOU SHOTEN in Hiroshima City in 1949. Since that time, development and introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, such as our patented Nori automatic heating and drying machine and the Nori Foreign body Detector, has enabled us to consistently produce nori of the highest quality. Our products meet the strictest of health standards. In 2008, we acquired the Hiroshima Prefecture Food Voluntary Hygiene Management Certificate.

To drive overseas sales, we have designed eye-catching packaging that evokes images of Japan. This makes our products, not only delicious snacks, but great souvenirs and gifts too.

By exploring consumer needs through research of popular products at business fairs and in meetings with related businesses, it is clear nori is a food choice that has great potential among consumers who are increasingly concerned with dietary health.

Company Profile

Company Name MARUTOKU NORI Co., Ltd.
Address 7-1-40, Shoko-Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima 733-0833 Japan
URL http://marutokunori.jp/
TEL/FAX +81-82-277-3838 / +81-82-277-3845
E-mail info@noriya3.com
President Noriyuki HAMANO
Members of
President: Noriyuki HAMANO
Executive director: Mayumi HAMANO
Manufacturing director: Yuzuru MIKI
Major business
  • ・Production and sale of seasoned and toasted Seaweed.
  • ・Production and sale of Seaweed for restaurants.
  • ・Seaweed related products.

Company History

1949 Tokusou HAMANO, the first president, founded HAMANO TOKUSOU SHOTEN in Hiroshima, and started on Seaweed processing.
1960 The name of company was changed to MARUTOKU NORI SHOTEN.
1968 The company was reorganized as a stock company with capital of 2 million yen and renamed “MARUTOKU NORI Co., Ltd.”
1978 A new factory and the head office were completed.
1988 Automatic heating and drying machine was completed.(Patent No. 1230015~6)
2003 Established the Research and Development Division.
2007 A new factory and the head office were completed. Established the factory tour course.
2008 The factory was certified by “Hiroshima Prefecture Independent Food Safety Oversight Certification System”.
2009 Our Product was selected as “The Hiroshima Brand”. Noriyuki HAMANO appointed as the president.




7-1-40, Shoko-Center, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
733-0833 JAPAN

Approx. 6min from Inokuchi Station on Miyajima Line, Hiroshima Dentetsu, on foot.
Approx. 20min from ShinInokuchi Station on JR Sanyo Center Line, on foot.